Outer Thigh / Butt Lift in Sarasota

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As the human body ages and experiences weight fluctuations, fatty tissue is deposited in various parts of the body. These problem areas can be difficult to manage even through proper diet and exercise. Lateral thigh lift and buttock lift, also called outer thigh lift and butt lift, at Sarasota Plastic Surgery are types of body contouring that remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the outer thigh and buttock regions. Artistic and anatomical removal of this tissue can result in an improved appearance and silhouette. Neither a lateral thigh nor a buttock lift is used as a weight reduction procedure and should not be considered as such.

It is important to understand that these procedures are not a cure for obesity, and is most appropriate for persons with localized excess skin and fat bulges that are inherited, or remain despite weight reduction and exercise. Nor is it a cure for cellulite or stretch marks. Our board-certified plastic surgeons often combine these procedures with an inner thigh lift for more complete improvement of the lower body.

Are You a Good Candidate?

To be a good candidate for any plastic surgery, you must have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for you. It's important to understand that body contouring surgery can enhance your appearance and self-confidence but, like all plastic surgery, it is not going to solve underlying emotional issues you may have. Always think carefully about your expectations and discuss any concerns you have with your surgeon.

Next Steps

All successful surgeries begin with open and honest communication between doctor and patient. Are you considering plastic surgery? Request a consultation with one of the surgeons at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center or call (941) 366-8897 and let us educate you about your options and the procedures available.

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