Perlane® in Sarasota

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Often employed to fill the deepest of facial lines, Perlane® is a dermal hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that is designed to dramatically reduce the lines from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds) and at corners of the mouth (marionette lines).

Deep facial lines such as nasolabial folds marionette lines can make us appear older than we feel. Perlane, available at Sarasota Plastic Surgery, is a safe, injectable cosmetic dermal filler that can dramatically reduce these lines and help us regain a more youthful, vital appearance.

Like its sister product, Restylane®, Perlane is made from non-animal hyaluronic acid gel so it does not pose any risk of allergies. And like Restylane, it easily adjusts to your natural facial contours, filling the skin like natural tissue, making its modeling and contouring effects appear completely natural.

While sharing the same benefits, the chief difference between the two is that Perlane contains more hyaluronic acid molecules, making it better for deeper wrinkles, creases, and scars. For maximum benefit, Perlane is often used in conjunction with other cosmetic products such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. You can learn about all of our dermal fillers during your consultation at Sarasota Plastic Surgery. We will help you decide which product or combination of products will best achieve your desired result.


Sarasota Plastic Surgery is now offering Perlane-L, the newest version of Perlane available. It combines soothing lidocaine with hyaluronic acid and makes treatments essentially painless.


Your surgeon will inject Perlane into the treatment areas using an ultra-fine needle. While most patients have no problem tolerating the injections, for some a topical numbing agent may be used for added comfort. Generally, treatment takes no more than an hour, results are almost immediate, and there is usually little to no downtime.

The benefits of Perlane are not permanent and most individuals require repeat injections every year. Touch ups around the lips and chin may require more frequent attention.

Be Aware

Studies indicate that side effects are extremely rare. While you may experience some redness, swelling, itching or tenderness, these effects should clear up in about a week.

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